If You Aren’t Running Fast Enough – Stop!

I am like many of you: very busy. We can forget the things that are important to us. Or if we get busy enough, even forget to pursue our spiritual path. This website has suffered from that problem, because I was running.  I have been running so fast that I didn’t notice that as fast as I was going I wasn’t on my spiritual road any more.

So I stopped. I stopped to find my way again. I wasn’t lost. Disoriented is a better term.

This isn’t a new realization, it happens from time to time.

There is a simple solution – stop! I know it is contra intuitive. We feel like we have to run every where, to get as much done in a day as possible. Not just at work but spirituality. I mean isn’t it better to do a full hour and a half ashtanga yoga session than ten minutes of a simple meditation? If you answered like me, the immediate answer was yes.

What had happened to me was I had lost perspective: if I couldn’t do the full yoga session, I didn’t do anything. The little things weren’t good enough. When I realized that was where I was at, I stopped.

I  can’t devote my life to finding spirituality but I still want to explore who I am. I am a spiritual without religion. Because I can’t do all I want  doesn’t mean I shouldn’t stop trying. Nor should you. Moving too fast was my reason. You may have another excuse. Just stopped believing in God, or dumped your religion.  Stop.

Maybe it isn’t that you have too much activity but that your mind is racing, mulling over so many things that you can’t seem to settle on anything. Stop!

This is what I did: something very simple. I started meditating again. Not for two hours, not even for ten minutes. But I started again because it works for me. I don’t even do it every day, but I do it. Because I stopped I could see I had drifted.  I don’t meditate very long but a few minutes down my spiritual path is  progress. I am on my road again. I will continue share my journey with you.

Please join me. If you are going too fast in your life, stop and comment, and say why you haven’t been pursuing your spiritual life, and what you can do to slow down.

There may be good reasons that you found yourself running, share them.

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7 Responses to “If You Aren’t Running Fast Enough – Stop!”

  • Benny Bond Says:

    Bookmarked your post to stumbleupon!…

    Great post. I subscribed to your rss….

  • Elaine Says:

    I feel exactly that way! I have never taken the time to actually learn why getting in touch with spirituality was important to myself. I am in my early 20′s and it finally has caught up with me. I think I am ready because I WANT this & now, I definitely NEED this. But I don’t ever STOP. So thank you for writing this blog, and I will keep you updated in my blog as well, of how my spiritual journey has gone.

  • rauf Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Your blog has some intense emotion. I often find that intense emotion is hard to balance on a spiritual track, for me it often derails the train. Best.

  • Alina Says:

    Well… it’s not that I’ve stopped. It’s more like I’m only starting. I’ve felt the tug long enough, and now I think is the right time .

  • rauf Says:

    That’s great!

  • YY Says:

    I am a first time mom of 6.5 month old twins. My life is hectic. I find myself doing anything to numb my racing mind at the end of the day. I’m left feeling unfulfilled though, even with these two beautiful blessings by my side. I need to find my spiritual path. I need to use my free time to enhance my being, not bring it down. Thank you for making this blog.

  • rauf Says:

    I am very happy to hear it was helpful to you.

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